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Watch the stars, turn you to nothing...

...as they wisk you away

Saturn of Team Galactic

Name: "Saturn"
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Height: 5'7
Weight: ???
Hometown: Pastoria City
Region: Sinnoh
Location at PD: He lives in Cyrus' old estate, secluding himself primarily in his hidden library.
Trainer class: Team Galactic Commander
Pokemon: Toxicroak, Bronzor, Golbat, Abra(Hatched from Egg), Alakazam (Traded with Green, temp) -Houndour-(Shadow, given -Traded with Green at Oaks' lab)

Extra Information: Index

{This Satrun is from the end of the Platinum game
I'm stealing a bit of personality from the anime (because he doesn't really have much of one in the game)

This is a roleplay journal for the user wonderssecret